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Disabling Resource Pool and saving those settings - vSphere 5.1.x upwards

There are times when you need to disable DRS for a particular reason but with earlier version of VMware you would lose all your resource pool settings. Now with 5.1 upwards you can export your resource pool settings before you disable your DRS. Do not use this method if you have vCloud Director in place. Saving Resource Pool  1) Log on to the vCenter via web client and locate the cluster where you would like to turn OFF DRS. As you can see in my one I have Cluster B and a resource pool named Test Pool which currently has a VM name vSphere Replication . 2) Right select cluster you would like to disable DRS. Select settings 3) On the right hand panel it should of taken you to Manage > Settings section. Select vSphere DRS under services and select edit 4) Untick box Turn ON vSphere DRS and click OK 5) A warning box appears about disabling DRS and Select  Yes to continue .   If you use vCloud Director do not proceed and contact VMware support for assist