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Reporting on an Azure IaaS VM cost – have I included everything?

We had arranged our Azure subscriptions to have each resource group representing an application so that all resources that belonged to an application are deployed within a resource group. This enabled us make it easier to grant management access rights to resources on per application basis. We were able to do costing reporting easier for each application as we just needed to report at the resource group level which would then include all the resources for the application. Then when we wanted to decommission the application we could just delete the resource group which would delete all the resources related to the application. Over time, application owners wanted to drill down further with costing and to know the actual cost on a per server basis within the application. By using Azure cost management, you can filter down to the resource level which you can see that I have selected for my resource “dc001 (Microsoft.compute/virtualmachines)” and the cost is around 32p for January 2021. No

PowerBi Azure Cost Management exposing Tag values to be used

I wrote an article about exposing tags to be used in PowerBi using the connector “Microsoft Azure Consumption Insights (Beta)” ( Using Azure tags in your powerbi reporting ). If you recall there is a warning message when you use the connector which states that it is still under development. It seems like there is no development for this connector as it has been in “beta” for a long time. I noticed that there is a new connector called “Azure Cost Management” which I will walk through which seems easier to configure. I googled around and decided to combine all my findings in to one document. First as we are connecting via our Enterprise agreement, we need to ensure at minimum that we have “Enterprise Administrator (read only)” permissions within the EA portal. Once we have that we should be able login to and see our enrollment number on the top left of the portal which we will need to note down. When you start up PowerBi desktop if you get the start-up screen then se