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Exchange 2013 Jetstress

A new version of Jetstress, the Microsoft tool that simulates Exchange disk I/O load on a server, has reached a new version, this time compatible with Exchange 2013 RTM and Cumulative Update 1 version. Jetstress simulates Exchange database and log file loads produced by a specific number of users in order to verify the performance and stability of a disk subsystem before putting Exchange server into a production environment. Note that you should also use Performance Monitor, Event Viewer and ESEUTIL in conjunction with Jetstress to verify that the disk subsystem meets or exceeds the performance criteria established. This latest version, 15.0.658.4, released last March, can be downloaded from here .

Manage Exchange Management Shell Access

Remote Shell in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010/2013 enables you to manage your server running Exchange from a remote computer, either on your network or from the Internet. You can enable or disable a user’s ability to connect to an Exchange server using remote Shell.   To enable remote Shell for a user, set the RemotePowerShellEnabled parameter to $True using the Set-User cmdlet: Set-User -RemotePowerShellEnabled $True   To disable remote Shell for a user, set the RemotePowerShellEnabled parameter to $False using the same Set-User cmdlet: Set-User -RemotePowerShellEnabled $False

Smallest ESXi Server ? for now

I was reading an article from website where they have built a server class ESXi host which is small enough to carry "2" on the plane as your hand luggage. That is very impressive and although the maximum RAM is 16GB I think that is enough considering SSD is being used as well. Pop along to the website and see how it was built

Network Ports used in vSphere Products

Want to know what ports and protocols are being used by vSphere to communicate? Check out the diagram produced by VMware on the mapping of all the ports and protocols that are being used by : ESXi 5.x & vCenter 5.x Update Manager vCloud Director 5.x vCenter Orchestrator Can be pretty handy to use especially if you have firewalls in place between these components