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Force iSCSI traffic down a specific network IP address in Windows 2012 R2

I have configured a Windows Server 2012 as iSCSI server (iSCSI target) to provide storage for my VMware lab and wanted my storage traffic to use a specific network IP address to pass the traffic to simulate a storage network. Below are the steps I have used to help me achieve this 1)  Log on the server which is running as your iSCSI server and open Server Manager 2) Select File and Storage Services 3) Highlight Servers and ensure on the right panel you select the server you wish to reconfigure 4) Right click the server and select iSCSI Target Settings 5) Select the IP address that you wish to have the iSCSI traffic to use then click OK. Please note if you add new IP addresses to the server they will be automatically be enabled for iSCSI as well. So remember each time to come here to untick it if you do not wish the new IP address to use iSCSI.