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Disabling Server Manager from startup at logon

One of the first things I do when I first logon to a 2016 server is always to disable server manager from loading at logon. Reason for me? annoying and not a tool I always need each time I log on to a server. There are a couple of places you can disable this feature and I will walk through a few To disable it for your current logged in user you would go to Manage > Server Manager Properties Tick box Do not start Server Manager automatically at logon  and click OK and this setting will apply for the currently logged in user. Another GUI method would be to use group policy to apply the settings for all users that use the computer. On a workgroup server at the command prompt or at the run command type in gpedit.msc . This will load up the group policy editor for the server you are logged into. Navigate to Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Server Manager . Here you will find the setting Do not display Server M

Running ESXi 6.7 on Ravello

As with my previous article I talked about deploying ESXi 6.0/6.5 onto the Ravello platform and it was pretty straight forward as you are provided with  a base template of an ESXi which you just add to your application canvas, attach the ISO and off you go. With 6.7 on the Ravello platform you will most likely experience this Purple Screen Of Death if you try to just use the ESXi template. After many googling and looking around forums there was a solution !! Now there are some caveats that I found if you wish to deploy ESXi 6.7 to one of your existing applications. If your application is not published to "US East 5" or US Southwest 1" then the method below will not work. You will need to create a new application to host your ESXi 6.7 host. It appears that only hardware that are hosted in "US East 5" and US Southwest 1" supports running ESXi 6.7. So as with my previous article you would still use the ESXi template but we will make some modification