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Increasing disk space on VCSA

Over time your VCSA will run out of disk space and you will need to increase the disk space. I will describe how I have performed this on one of my PSC as I was alerted by my monitoring system. My environment is vSphere 6.0 U2. Log on to your PSC controller using the root account.  Run " Shell.set "  Run " shell  " Run the command " df -h" and you should get an output like the one below.  You can see that I have ran out of disk space on mount point "/storage/log". At this point I would go to the VM in web client to increase the relevant disk but when you look at the disks attached to the VM (11 in total) I can't tell which disk has the mount point of "/storage/log". After searching on VMware KB site I found an article which list which mount point resides on which disk So now you can see "/storage/log" is using "vmdk5" so now I can go and modify the disk size of "vmdk5" Hop back to t