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Virtual hardware features available for each version of vSphere

There is a great KB (KB 2051652) article which can be used as a quick reference for finding out what virtual hardware is available for each virtual hardware version. It is documented from Version 4.x up to the latest 5.5.

Archive Mailbox Stats

Although Personal Archives in Exchange 2010/2013 are often in cheaper and larger storage than “normal” mailboxes, we still need to keep an eye on them to check how archives are growing and how (if!) users are using it. Here’s a simple script to get some statistics regarding all the archive mailboxes in your environment: $mbcombCollection = @() $archiveMbxs = Get-Mailbox -Archive -ResultSize Unlimited | Select Identity, ArchiveWarningQuota, ArchiveQuota ForEach ( $mbx in $archiveMbxs ) {        $mbxStats = Get-MailboxStatistics $mbx .Identity -Archive | Select DisplayName, StorageLimitStatus, TotalItemSize, TotalDeletedItemSize, ItemCount, DeletedItemCount, Database        $mbcomb = "" | Select "Display Name" , StorageLimitStatus, "TotalItemSize (MB)" , "TotalDeletedItemSize (MB)" , ItemCount, DeletedItemCount, Database, "ArchiveWarningQuota (GB)" , "ArchiveQuota (GB)"        $mbcomb . "