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Code Capture - Developer Center

From vSphere 6.7 onwards VMware introduced a section called the Developer Center where it provides a location for you to browse through the API structure and understand how to call and use the API. There is a section called "Code Capture" where once you set it up you can record your steps that you perform in GUI and then it will translate those steps to code. In vSphere 6.7 you could only get PowerCLI but with vSphere 7.0 you can have PowerCLI, vRO Javascript, Python, and Go. The following steps are not available for recording - roles, privileges, tags, content libraries, storage policies and passwords at present. How to get started? In vSphere click on Menu and select Developer Center Select Code Capture tab and if you have not enabled code capture before then you should see the screen below. Click on the slider to enable code capture Once you have enabled code capture you should see the start record button and also on the top right you sho

Rolling back a version of ESXi

There is an option in VMware where after you have performed an major upgrade of ESXi you can roll back to your previous version. The benefit of this is that you would not need to reinstall your ESXi and its configuration if you had issues with the new software. I had to do this on one occassion in my lab where I upgraded from 6.5 to 6.7 and my VMs would not run because the CPU was not supported in 6.7. Please remember if you are using ISO method to upgrade ESXi please ensure you select "Upgrade ESXi, preserve VMFS datastore". Selecting "Install ESXi, preserve VMFS datastore" does not mean preserving datastore means retaining ESXi as it will still do a clean install of ESXi. This method does not work for vSphere 7.0 as there are changes to the partitions on the boot device. Below are the steps to roll back to a previous version which is quite straight forward. As always perform an backup of your host configuration before you upgrade or rollback ( KB2042141 ). I have