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VMware Walk Through

So VMware alway releases a lot of ground breaking new technology and at times it can be hard to catch up especially if you would like to try out the features. Most times your lab at home/work doesn't quite meet the requirements. There are Hands on Labs from VMware but most times you just want a quick walk through of how to set something up to give you a feel of process. Well VMware has release a new website at . The idea behind this is so that you can have a basic walkthrough of how to set up some of the new products such as VSAN, NSX, Hadoop Clustering, vCloud Suite. Pop along and have a look.

Web Beacons in Outlook Web App

Web beacons frequently come in the form of images that are downloaded onto a user's computer when the user opens a junk e-mail message. After the images are downloaded, a Web beacon notification is sent to the sender of the junk e-mail message that informs the sender that the recipient e-mail address is valid. After this, the user will probably receive junk e-mail more frequently because the junk e-mail sender has verified that the user's e-mail address is valid. Web beacons can also contain harmful code and can be used to circumvent e-mail filters to deliver an e-mail message from someone who is sending unsolicited commercial e-mail. In Outlook Web App, an incoming e-mail message that contains content that can be used as a Web beacon prompts Outlook Web App to display a warning message to the user to inform the user that the content has been blocked. This occurs regardless of whether the message actually contains a Web beacon. If a user knows that a message is legitimate,