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Ikea Hack

Not really an IT related post but if you want to create a "Macbook Air Desktop" or "Mac Mini and Apple Airport Extreme Base Station" Stand using Ikea furniture's then have a look at this site. It is all about hacking Ikea furniture's http:/// Macbook Air Stand Mac Mini Stand

Exchange Server 2013 High Availability Book

After a lot of work, I have finally released my first book: Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 High Availability ! :) I now fully appreciate the work involved in the process of writing/releasing a book! “ This practical hands-on guide will provide you with a number of clear scenarios and examples that will explain the mechanics behind the working of Exchange 2013 and how maximum availability and resilience can be achieved through it. Throughout this book, you will go through all the roles, components, and features that should be considered when addressing high availability. You will go through how to achieve high availability for the Client Access and Mailbox server roles, what’s new in load balancing, site resilience, the new public folders, and much more. You will learn to successfully design, configure, and maintain a highly available Exchange 2013 environment by going through different examples and real-world scenarios, saving you and your company time and money, and

Powershell Deployment Toolkit (PDT) for System Center 2012 SP1/R2

Ever wanted to try out System Center 2012 SP1/R2 but find that there are a lot of components needed to be installed to get going ?. Well there is a Powershell Deployment Tookit (PDT) by Rob Willis who has wrote a set of scripts to help you deploy the whole environment hands off including SQL !!! , how cool is that ? I haven't had time to try it yet but here is the link to the page for downloading the set of scripts and instructions. Here is the link give it a go:

Office 365 Public Folder Scripts

Microsoft has released a few scripts to enable the creation of Public Folders in Office 365 and to synchronize Public Folders AD objects between on-premise and Office 365 directories. These scripts can be used for: Initial creation of mail enabled public folder objects in the destination Active Directory for public folder migration from Exchange 2007 or 2010 to Exchange 2013 Synchronization of mail enabled public folder objects from cloud to on-premise Active Directory Synchronization of mail enabled public folder objects from on-premise to cloud Active Directory Synchronization of public folder mailbox objects from cloud to on-premise Active Directory To download the, visit the Microsoft Download Center .

Google Takeout

Google takeout? what is that?. Google now gives you an option to archive all your data from google products so things like your emails (gmail), videos (youtube) and more (15 currently). Head over to and start archiving your data if you want an offline copy. Wiki explaination of Google Takeout