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VMware Nights @ Kilby's Bar

VMware has launch a series of videos set in a bar in Silicon Valley where a bunch of IT people are talking about the transition to a software defined IT world. Videos are about 2 minutes long and just for a laugh.

Outlook 2013 OST File

Outlook 2013 introduced many improvements into the most famous e-mail client. Some of these are around Outlook data files (OSTs). By default, when Outlook 2013 is installed, a new compressed version of the OST is created. I say “compressed” because apparently Outlook compresses several data fields/values in order to reduce the size of the OST file. This new compressed version is, allegedly, up to 40% smaller than OST files created by earlier versions of Outlook. If you don’t want Outlook 2013 to create a new compressed OST file across the workstations in your environment when you upgrade your users’ Outlook client, use the Outlook Group Policy template ( Outlk15.admx ) to enable the Do not create new OST file on upgrade policy. You can find this setting under User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Microsoft Outlook 2013\Account Settings\Exchange . A big change is that when running in Cached Exchange Mode, Outlook 2013 will only cache 12 months’ worth of data from the

Removing unwanted VMware Plugin

There are times when you installed some 3rd party products or additional VMware products where a plugin is added to vSphere client. Usually when you uninstall the products the plugins should be removed from vSphere client but sometimes it doesn't work and you need to do them manually. VMware has an KB article to help you along this process VMware KB1025360

vSphere 6? 2015? Public Beta

VMware has opened up it Beta program for the public to try out the next version of vSphere. There are loads of new features to be tried and tested by us the public to help make the product better. There are a number of webinars which will go through all the new product features weekly and will be recorded. Go join the program at but be sure you have a myvmware account to be able to sign up. Please note that although the beta program is open for anyone to try the product but what you learn and see must be kept confidential as per VMware's Master Software Beta Test Agreement and Program Rules Good luck