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vSphere 6.0 Unsupported Devices

I was testing a install on a old HP 385 G5p which I know is not supported ( VMware hardware support list ) to try and install ESXi 6. As I was installing I got this screen below:  After a quick search on VMware's website I found a KB 2087970 which describes what the PCI Info relates to in terms of the hardware which is not compatible. So for the above example I can see that those PCI Info refers to my Smart Array P400 controller. VMware will let you install and it may continue to work but the device is no longer officially supported on ESXi 6.0. So now there is a KB article to help you quickly find out what device is unsupported.

Alternative ways to provide High Availability for VMware Platform Services Controller (PSC)?

Over the past few months I have been looking at whether there is any value for me to design a highly available Platform Services Controller (PSC) setup for our new vSphere 6 platform. We all know that one of the functions of a PSC is to provide the authentication to VMware's product suites. So for example without a working PSC I would not be able to access my vCenter until it is fixed or restored. This would mean I would lose the management of the environment but it doesn't mean I would lose VMs that are already running. To setup PSC to be in a high availability setup for your vCenter you would need to use one of the supported 3rd party load balancers that VMware recommends.  Below were the pros and cons for us at the time of design; Note: The only policy currently supported at the time of writing is Active/Passive mode for load balancing. You will not be able to do active/active configuration. Pros: Provides an "always on" PSC service Provides automa