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Joining PSC to an Active Directory Domain

I have deployed some Platform Services Controller (PSC) appliances to my environment but in order to be able to use Active Directory as an identity source you will need to join the PSC to the Active Directory domain. In this post I will show you two possible ways of doing it My environment is based on using vSphere 6.0 Update 1 Command line method: 1.  Ensure you have enabled SSH so that you can use something like Putty. If it has not be enabled then you will need to log on to the appliance and change the settings there to allow SSH 2. Type in the user name "root" and password to SSH to your PSC appliance 3. Type in "shell.set --enabled True" 4. Type in "shell" 5. You will see some warning message and then be presented with the command prompt screen with the name of your PSC  6. Type "cd /opt/likewise/bin"  7. Type "./domainjoin-cli query" to see if the PSC is already part of the domain   8. Using the format