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Anti-Virus Exclusions for VMware and Windows

Over the years I had come across a lot of issues around OS performance where part of culprit has been to do with Anti-Virus settings. Leaving them as default settings can cause a lot of pain and headache. Here are some of the useful information I have gather from a couple of kb articles from VMware and Windows to help you get a better grip of what to scan in the guest OS to avoid wasting compute cycles especially if you are using public IaaS platforms. Exclude the folders from scanning for VMware tools or your installation of vCenter. Change the drive letter to reflect where you have installed the software : Windows Server 2012 "C:\Program Files\VMware\" Windows Server 2008 "C:\ProgramData\VMware\" Windows Server 2003 "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\VMware\ Choose either to real-time scan on "Read" or "Write" try not to do both as you would waste processing power. My preferred option would be to real-time sca

vSan, SRM, vVols Technical Documents

VMware has release a new section for Storage and Availability technical documents which covers areas such as vSAN, SRM, vVOLS, vSphere Replication and vSphere Core Storage. There are lots of great papers around good practices, technical overviews on these areas.  Also catch up on the great podcast virtually-speaking-podcast Storage and Availability Technical Documents - A good place to try out the new features and functions without needing to install the soft use the VMware hands-on-labs -