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VCAP 6 - DCV - My experience

I decided to do a little write up around my experience of the exam VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 - Data Center Virtualization Deployment a.k.a VCAP 6- DCV. A little journey story about my exam first: I jumped to the opportunity to take the beta exam around July 2016 when it was made available in the UK for beta testers as it was offered at a cut down price so there was no reason to not give it a shot. Half way through the exam I lost connection and my first initial reaction was have I just mis-configured something in the lab? I have heard many stories where people managed to destroy their lab, which I don't know if it is true or not but right at that moment I did think that was the end of my exam. My head was spinning round and round thinking what did I just do wrong? I waited for 10 minutes and could see another candidate was having problems with their exam as their screen was like my screen just showing trying to reconnect. So we both had our hands raised to see

Complex Password - Special Character Keys Careful

Long complex password is almost compulsory for most organisations for service or administrator accounts. When you ask the security team they will say use the longest and most complex password that the system will accept. Usually this includes a combination of uppercase, lowercase, special characters and numbers.  I am happy to comply with this request and it can be a pain to type these long complex passwords without getting it wrong. Over the years there is one thing I have noticed and that is to be careful when using special characters, especially if you have systems in different countries that have different keyboard layout for that particular system. For example on a "US" keyboard the “@” sign is above the number 2 where on a "UK" keyboard it is by the Enter key. Reason I am highlighting this is because there has been times where I have logged on to a “jump” (RDP) box to access various systems and not realised that the keyboard on that system was

vExpert 2017 - First Time

vExpert 2017 Received a pleasant surprised that I am one of the many vExperts around the globe. It is my first year into this program and I hope I have many more to come and be able to contribute to the community more this year. Once again many thanks to VMware !! vExpert 2017 Announcement