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Using http file server (HFS)

I have just discovered a great little app which allows you to quickly share files from your PC like a web server. Why would you want that? No need to worry about share permissions in Windows to get it working No need to worry about sharing to Linux, Macs where you might need to enable more services No need to "install" software to start sharing your files out Just need a web browser to browse and download the files you have shared out its open source and its free  I am going to run through the basic steps of setting it up to start sharing your files on my Windows 10 Desktop Go to to download the windows version of the exe file Once you have downloaded the file which is around 2.4.mb then copy the file to a location where you will want to run this from. For me its at "D:\hfs\" Run "hfs.exe" You may receive a "Open File - Security Warning". If you are Ok with this then click "run

Updating vCenter Appliance 6 Update 1b to Update 2a

I have a vCenter Appliance 6 U1b with embedded Platform Services Controller in my lab which I decided needed to be upgraded to U2a. Before you start make sure you have: User "root" password for your appliance not SSO administrator password   Able to mount ISO to your vCenter Appliance VM   You are not doing any major task within vCenter like deploying a VM as it could be affected as vCenter services will be stopped/unavailable once the upgrade is completed and you would need to do a reboot First you need to go  to download the patch that is available for your vCenter Appliance version. Do not go to the usual product download page as that will not work for upgrades for vCenter Appliance.  Once you have downloaded the patch ISO then you need to mount the ISO to your vCenter Appliance VM.  Using your preferred browse go to your vCenter Appliance administrator page https://appliance-IP-Address-or-FQDN:5480 and login using the &q