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VMware Software Manager Tool

There is a little free tool from VMware call VMware Software Manager (VSM) which you can use to help download and manage your VMware products installation media files into one central location. It has a simple interface where you can just browse for the product and version of the software that you would like to download which I think is far simpler than at the website. There are some pre-requisites before starting this: Plenty of disk space if you have a lot of VMware products and need various version of them   Using one of the following operating system for where you will be installing this product;   Windows 8.1 (Pro or Enterprise edition) 64-bit   Windows 7 SP1 (Professional or Enterprise edition) 64-bit   Windows Server 2012 R2 (Standard, Enterprise, or Datacenter edition) 64-bit Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (Standard, Enterprise, or Datacenter edition) 64-bit   The following browsers are supported and one of them needs to be installed where software manager is insta

vSphere Beta program register your interest

It is that time of the year again where VMware opens up their vSphere Beta program for people to test and provide feedback for their upcoming releases. The good thing about these new beta programs is that they have options to use their "Hosted Beta" which means you don't need to install anything and can just test new feature just like Hands on Lab. If you still prefer the traditional way you will still be able to download the beta software to test. Sign up form link: As always please remember to not run Beta software code on production systems.

Online HPE Server Memory Configurator tool

I found some memory modules and wanted to see if I could boost my HP G6 server a bit more. Digging around the HPE site and reading the pdf I was not getting anywhere to see if I could just easily add the extra modules. I then googled and it pointed me to a HPE Server Memory Configurator tool - (Appears to only work with G6 and above) This tool has two ways to help you work out your memory modules configuration if you are looking to increase/upgrade the memory in your existing server -  Use HPE Insight Diagnostics tools to help detect the memory already installed in your server. This means possibly no downtime if you already have the correct versions of various HP management tools already installed on the server otherwise you would still need downtime to install/update/reboot the server.   Enter HP part number/s for the memory modules you have installed already in your server but this requires you to either have the inf