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vSphere 6.7 Released

VMware has just released vSphere 6.7 and everyone will be looking to see what the new features are and  possibly of upgrades. Here are some of the steps I usually follow: Check if the hardware that you wish to run vSphere 6.7 is supported, as per usual every release VMware will drop some support for some hardware support especially around CPU . If your system is not listed then the next best bet for you is to visit your hardware vendors website to see if they have newer information. For example we have HPE servers and I obtain information from this page   Next step is to check all the other VMware products you have as part of your solution. You have to see if they are compatible with vSphere 6.7 and if there is an upgrade path for the version you are currently using Usually once I done the above then I know it is worth planning the upgrade path. Here

Azure Subscription Limits

During my time of doing a migrate of IaaS workload in to Azure I came across an issue where it reported that I had ran out of "core" resources. I was thinking how could I run out of resources? this is the cloud isn't it? is it not unlimited? After a quick case logged with Microsoft I was told we hit our "default limits" set by Microsoft.  You can raise these default limits by raising a case and as long as it is not an Azure limit you are hitting then they increase it free of charge for you. Every subscription for Azure has service limits, quotas, and constraints which are documented here on their website. To see your usage in your subscription you would select your "subscription", then "usage + quotas" and it will then display all your service quotas and how much you have used. You will see a button where you can request to increase the quotas. This is good visually but ultimately we want to run a script where we can get the informati

Decommissioning vCenter and PSC 6.0 f

We have just consolidated all our work load in two data centres down to one data centre and using the cloud as our DR site. So as we now have only one site it was time to decommission the PSC (Appliance version) and vCenter (Windows version) in the old data centre. Here are the steps I followed to remove vCenter and PSC from my lab environment assuming you are running at least vSphere 6.0 Update 1 otherwise the command "cmsso-util" will not be available by default. I followed KB article  2106736  but added some steps I took. On the vCenter that you are going to decommission ensure that you have no more host managed by this vCenter. Check which PSC it is registered to by going to the web client. Select “vCenter > Manage > Settings > Advanced Settings” and look for “config.vpxd.sso.admin.uri” Now log on to the PSC where the vCenter is registered to via SSH or console as user “root” Run “shell.set --enabled True” Then run “shell” Run the command cmsso-util