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Running VMware on Ravello

One of the many benefits of being a vExpert is the freebies that you get from vendors. Ravello from Oracle is one of them where you are able to run your VMs on their hypervisor in the public cloud space. One of the selling points is that you can just copy your vmdk files up to the system and you don't need to reconfigure your VM hardware and settings to get it running. The platform also allow you to run a hypervisor such as ESXi as a VM which means I can have a lab on the move in the cloud. With all freebies there are some gotcha which is I only get 1000 CPU hours per month and can run only 20 concurrent VMs but as its for a lab/testing this is more than enough. In this article I will run through the steps to just get a ESXi 6 host up and running on their platform and if you want to try it they offer free trial  here So once you signed up you head over to  to login to the management portal Once you are logged in we would need to go to Li