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VMware Configurations Maximum Tool URL

VMware has created a nice friendly URL - to help you quickly look at the configuration maximums across a few of their product ; NSX Data Center for vSphere, vSphere, VMware NSX-T, vRealize Operations Manager and VMware Site Recovery Manager. I assume VMware will add more as time goes by. As you can see from the screenshot I have selected vSphere as the product and the version is 6.7 . Under All Maximum  you can select which maximums you want to view. From my screenshot I have selected Virtual Machine Maximums  and to the right of the screen you can see all the maximum related to virtual machines. You can select to display other maximums as well and click View Limits  to have the data updated, use the collapse all button to help collapse all the section of  your selected configuration maximums . There is a button to export all maximums to pdf     which exports all the maximums and not just what you have filtered down for display on the screen. It

vCenter Server Appliance root expiry changed from 365 to 90 days

When you deploy a new vSphere 6.7 vCenter Server Appliance the root password validity period by default is now 90 days.  This has changed from vSphere 6.5 which was at 365 days.  If you was doing an upgrade then the settings you have configured are carried over. Just remember that for new deployments the root password validation has changed from 365 to 90 days.  There is no change to vSphere single sign on which is still set at 90 days.