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VMworld 2020 Going Digital

Every year people around the world look forward to events such as VMworld where you can spend a week with your technical peers hanging out together talking about your favourite technology. Events like this brings lots of discussions, meeting with people, going to free vendor parties ^_^ and seeing vendor road map/release for the upcoming year/s.  Unfortunately this year we have a pandemic and it is not safe to gather together to go to such event. With this in mind VMware has decided to host VMworld 2020 as a virtual/digital event from September 29th - 1st October 2020 where sessions will be streamed live across the global. So for this year there won't be two events which normally happens in August (US) and November (Europe) and people have to start asking for funding to go to such events or write a long email explaining why you need to. You just need to ask for the time off to attend the event virtually and the good news you can give to your boss is that the general pass is fr