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ESXi Embedded Host Client Fling

Over the years it has always be quite a pain to manage an ESXi host standalone. You would either need to have installed the C# client or know your ESXCLI commands to do anything. As VMware is moving away from using the C# client you would most likely need to know your command lines to perform actions on the ESXi host. Recently released on VMware’s Fling website is “ESXi Embedded Host Client” which I think will overcome the above problem. So what is “ESXi Embedded Host Client” you may ask? It’s a small client software which is installed on the ESXi host for you to get a GUI interface by using a web browser.   It looks just like the web client for vCenter but is purely for just managing an ESXi host. You may wonder why would I need this as I could just use the web client and manage it. Well I have been through times where I had my ESXi host disconnected from vCenter and I need to SSH to the host or use C# client to access the host to perform some tasks. W